ISTAR Management Center

The ISTAR Management Center (IMC) is made available by Elbit Systems to further enhance the operational benefits of employing UAS and/or additional ISTAR means to provide an important force multiplier. Using the IMC it is possible to plan, execute and monitor coordinated missions of multiple UAS and other collection assets controlled by multiple ground stations, all managed by a common situation and management center. The IMC’s forte is its ability to provide commanders with data received by all deployed platforms and sensors. The mission commander is provided with an overall view, received from various intelligence gathering sensors, displaying aerial platform mission assignments and a combined tactical picture. The IMC allows rapid intelligence flow for improved overall mission efficiency. Mission instructions are sent by the commander directly to the operators in the UAS GCS and other mission systems as applicable. Video and data are displayed simultaneously on the mission station screens and at the management center. All data managed and displayed in the IMC can be transmitted to the external ground forces’ C4I systems.