Swiss UAS 15 Program Invitation to Swiss Partners

Invitation to participate in Swiss UAS-15 Program – Hermes™ 900 HFE

Elbit Systems Ltd. is competing to develop and supply Armasuisse’s next Unmanned Air Vehicle System, and is seeking Swiss suppliers and manufacturers to participate in this challenging and rewarding program in the following areas:

1. Composite material parts (including raw materials)
2. Machined parts
3. Electronic assembly and sub-assembly
4. Aircraft electronic harnesses / cables (including RF cables)
5. General electronic harnesses / cables


Hermes™ 900 HFE

In addition to this program, suitable firms will be considered for subcontracts in other Elbit Systems Ltd.’s on-going and future programs.

In your response, please indicate:

1. Business type and scope of activities in the required area
2. Areas of expertise (indicating subcontracted activities)
3. Locations of operation (city, canton) including activities in each
4. Examples of products
5. Formal qualifications

Detailed requirements:

we are looking for manufacturers with expertise and experience in the following areas:


Composite_Material_Fin_Swiss_(174X123)Composite material parts
• Wet lay-up technology, manufacturing of composite aircraft parts such as fuel tanks and aerodynamic control surfaces (we will provide the required engineering data, special molds and tools).
• Capability for design and production of the basic molds and jigs required for production.

Machined_Parts_Swiss_(174X123)Machined parts
• By-spec production of aluminum aircraft parts, basic assembly using various fasteners (screws, anchor nuts, rivets etc.) and quality testing including non-destructive testing (NDT).




Electronic assemblyElectronic_Unit_Swiss_(174X123)
• Build-to-print assembly and testing of aircraft avionic components (LRU). We will provide the engineering data and test equipment, as well as the unit sub-parts.
• Capability to manufacture internal cabling and mechanical interfaces.



  Aircraft_Electronic_Harnesses_Swiss_(174X123)Aircraft electronic harnesses
• Build-to-print production and testing of avionic-grade harnesses including multi-branch cables, loomed covers and EMC shielding.
• Build-to-print production and testing of aircraft RF cables (including VSWR testing).
• Capability for design and manufacturing of cable-production jigs.


Firms interested in participating are kindly requested to download the enclosed form
[ Download PDF File ]   fill in the required details and email it to:

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