Skylark™ I - LEX

Skylark™ I – LEX

Skylark I-LEX is the latest evolution of the battle-proven, high-performance Skylark I system, which has been delivered to over 30 different users worldwide. Skylark I-LEX’s outstanding capabilities are based on operational experience gained through tens of thousands of operational sorties by the IDF, as the standard battalion level UAS, and various NATO and other international users all of which were accomplished with the outmost reliability and excellent safety record.


Skylark™ I – LEX – Mini UAS


The operational success of the system has been translated to several international contracts received already this year for the delivery of the Skylark I-LEX system. Skylark I-LEX is an organic, highly covert aerial ISR asset delivering actionable, high resolution video in real-time. It enables man-packed or vehicle-based deployment and allows for static or on-the-move operation. Designed for in-theater operation by maneuvering forces, Skylark I-LEX is fully autonomous from takeoff, throughout the mission and landing.

Its mission-oriented, intuitive man-machine interface (MMI) makes it the optimal solution for a variety of  missions – Best fitted for organic “beyond the next hill” reconnaissance, counter insurgency and force protection missions, civil and commercial applications including perimeter security, border and coastal surveillance, anti-terror and a variety of law enforcement missions.

Highly covert aerial intelligence – Electric propelled, the Skylark I-LEX is a proven ISR asset on the battlefield. Advanced communication features Skylark I-LEX offers a gimbaled and stabilized payload, delivering high-quality day and night real-time video within a 40 km LOS communication range. Advanced image processing capabilities include tracker, moving target indicator, geo-registration, and mosaicing.

Designed for ease of operation – The mini UAS is specifically designed for rapid deployment and is exceedingly simple to operate.

Among the Skylark I-LEX main improvements:

• Better Air Vehicle performance
• Enhanced Safety features and Airworthiness
• Integration with the “Best in class” day / night / dual Payload
• Secured, encrypted communication system
• Simultaneous operation of two Air Vehicles, up to a range of 40 km.
• Advanced Ground Control Station, introducing modern GUI, Automatic Tracker, Automatic motion detection.
•  Adaptable User Interface to the customer’s language – optional.
• Advanced Remote Video Terminal allowing payload control by forward deployed operators


• Takeoff weight – 7.5 kg
• Max payload 1.2
• Endurance 3 hrs
• Service ceiling 15000 ft
• Range 40 km

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