Hermes™ 90

Hermes™ 90


Hermes™ 90- Close Range, long endurance, an expeditionary, high performance, low cost tactical UAS, Hermes 90 provides an optimized combination of high-end tactical UAS characteristics, with high mobility, rapid deployment, point launch & recovery in harsh field conditions and at significantly lower cost. It is a highly autonomous system with mission effective flight modes such as fly-by-camera (available in all Elbit Systems’ UAS) , a variety of quality mission payloads and flexible deployment schemes.


Hermes 90 is a self sustained system designed for maneuvering forces. It is runway independent, offering flexible launch and recovery methods to suit the applicable operational requirements and terrain features. Offering a choice of high quality payloads including EO/IR/Laser, COMINT, large area scanning payloads and more, Hermes 90 is  a technology leading  cost effective UAS solution for combat, peace keeping, homeland defense, security and other military and non-military applications.

Hermes 90 – Close Range, long endurance UAS

Hermes 90 – performance:

Take-off weight – 115 kg
Max Payload – 25 kg
Endurance – 15 hours
Service Ceiling – 15,000 ft
Range – 100 km

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