Land Training Solutions

Land Training – Introduction

Mastering today’s advanced operational systems such as C4I combat systems and sensors demands rigorous practice and robust training tools. A key factor for success is the ability to bring sophisticated training to the field, wherever the forces are located.

Elbit Systems’ land-based training and simulation solutions are geared for the full spectrum of war fighters’ needs, from personal training all the way to entire battle groups. The systems’ realism and overall effectiveness have enhanced the operational performance of forces worldwide.

Our land training systems are mission-ready and can be rapidly dispatched and deployed to support worldwide operations. Designed for easy reconfiguration, each solution is precisely tailored to meet equipment requirements as well as the needs of various missions and doctrines.

Our systems are suitable for unique appended and embedded training systems for tanks, weapon stations and forward observers deployed in maneuvering and border protection duties, as well as complete training centers for platform operators  including drivers, gunners, commanders, crew and platoons.

Our operation-oriented training systems implement the most advanced training concepts and technologies, enabling individuals and combat units to “train as you fight.”

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