HLS Training Solutions

HLS Training Solutions

Elbit Systems’ Homeland Security – Incident Command Team Training System (HLS-ICTTS) realistically simulates complex emergency scenarios where multiple security and rescue teams must seamlessly coordinate life-saving operations.

Incident Command Team Training System (HLS-ICTTS)


The simulation solution enables HLS decision-makers and responders to benefit from effective training in a wide range of urban and critical infrastructure security incidents. The system is fully proven and successfully deployed for large-scale exercises and training sessions by the Israeli Home Front Command and other customers worldwide.

HLS-ICTTS Key Features

• Detailed modeling of hazards, first-responders and emergency equipment
• Simulation of outdoor and indoor environments
• Exercise flexibility – in both scale and duration
• Real-time generation of a broad range of scenarios
• Adjustable simulator fidelity – from very detailed incidents to large training areas
• Comprehensive post-action review and reports generator

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