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For over two decades, Elbit Systems has been a source of F-16 avionics for Israel’s Air Force (IAF) as well as for customers worldwide. All IAF F-16s fly with Elbit Systems avionics onboard. Additionally, we have received numerous contracts from the U.S. Government, Lockheed Martin, the prime contractor of the F 16 and others, to supply electronic and electro-optic systems for F 16 aircraft used by the U.S. Air Force and other air forces.
In recent years, Elbit Systems, EFW, El-Op and Cyclone have received several orders for additional systems and equipment, as well as repairs. Currently Elbit Systems is a supplier to Lockheed Martin for the new IAF F-16 aircraft (F-16I), responsible for the following systems: mission computers, helmet mounted systems, display systems, stores management systems and others.
Elbit Systems Electro-optic El-Op is supplying the Head-up Display for the F-16I. El-Op also supplies Aerial Reconnaissance Systems for the F-16.
EFW was awarded F-16 related contracts to develop and supply the commercial Central Interface Unit, Color Multi-function Displays and a Digital Video Recorder.
EFW also is supplying advanced air to ground, air to air and emergency jettison remote interface units to Lockheed Martin for an F-16 customer and supplies commercial electronic data entry systems for the F-16. Cyclone manufactures the leading edge flap for U.S. Air Force F-16 aircraft.
Elbit Systems – Cyclone was awarded orders for the supply of other structural parts for the F-16, including the horizontal stabilizer, the rudder, the ventral fin and the engine access doors.

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