Overhead Remote Controlled Weapon Stations

Overhead Remote Controlled Weapon Stations (ORCWS)

Based on in-house EO products and technologies, Elbit Systems’ range of weapon stations is field-proven and incorporates over 30 years of development in stabilization systems.


Dual-axis and fully stabilized, the weapon stations provide a high first-round hit probability when firing on the move, simultaneously shielding the operator from danger. The various weapon stations can be mounted onto a wide range of armored fighting and support vehicles, and offer unparalleled performance in battlefield conditions.

Elbit Systems’ range of ORCWS is compatible with weapons of different types and origins including: 5.56mm (0.22”), 7.62mm (0.3”) and 12.7mm (0.5”) caliber weapons and 40mm automatic grenade launchers. Additional options include a laser range-finder and smoke grenade launchers.

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