Ground Integrated Sights

Ground Integrated Sights

Elbit Systems Electro-optics – Elop Ltd. (“El-Op”) provides turnkey and tailor-made integrated gunner and commander sight solutions for virtually every MBT and AFV in service today. The Integrated Sights modular design combines direct view observation, TV channels, eyesafe laser rangefinders and a wide variety of night vision technologies with LOS stabilization and hunter-killer solutions.




Elop’s battle-proven Integrated Sights feature modular upgradeable designs which are tailored to our customer’s requirements, all-weather 24/7 observation and aiming capability, advanced image processing and fast, accurate target acquisition.

Among our products are:
TISAS Thermal Imaging Stand Alone System
T-55 Fire Control System
Elop has accumulated many years of experience in navigation, advanced control systems, EO sensors, smart algorithms and software, which enables it to be a world leader in generic systems for autonomous vehicles.
Elop’s Generic Robotic Guidance product line includes:
GEMINAV – GPS Embedded Modular Inertial Navigation System
ODAM – Obstacles Detection and Avoidance Module
VCM – Vehicle Control Module.

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