Pipeline Security Systems

Pipeline Security Systems

The protection of land-based pipelines against sabotage, illegal tapping, and terrorist action is  of high priority worldwide, particularly in times of heightened tension.

Elbit Security Systems (“ELSEC”) offers the I-PASS system. I-PASS is optimized for protection of pipelines transferring gas, oil or other essential liquid products and to secure other infrastructure installations of the energy industry.

I-PASS system is based on three main integrated elements:

F.O. sensor cable buried along the pipeline to detect “approach to line”
Leakage detection system to detect small leakages
Command and control system to operate the system from a single monitoring station
The concept behind this general architecture is to use passive buried sensors, not exposed to damages on the ground level, without any requirement for power lines or RF communication transceivers along the pipeline.
In the first stage, the system detects suspicious activity close to the pipe line and provides the authorities time to identify the activity and respond prior to any damage to the pipeline. At the second stage the system detects actual leakages caused by corrosion or undetected illegal activity.
The system provides the operator with required capabilities to identify location and type of the threat activity.

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