Border Security

Border Security

Our highly sophisticated virtual border security system is a multi-layer border control and management system deploying special border surveillance posts. These autonomous posts include observation systems (LORROSTM, LORROS MK-II) mounted on towers, placed in strategic locations along the border. 


Each post is a self-sufficient unit, facilitating power, communication, and site security and processing. This configuration enables deployment by stages, each as an independent component.

The system is fully remote-controlled via a central control room. All data from the border surveillance posts is routed to the central control room via wireless, fiber-optic, or other communication infrastructures, where it is processed and displayed. The system can have numerous control rooms, deployed hierarchically, from regional to national levels.

Based on powerful surveillance and management software, the system enables the user to keep an eye on the “big picture” while conducting border control tasks with less manpower, at real time intervals. This improves the reaction time of law enforcement authorities to prevent border violations and to increase public safety.
The core of this system includes:

High quality long-range day cameras (EPOS, VSS) with night observation systems employing third generation thermal imagers (Crystal-P, Ivory-Z, Lotus-G, Artim-LR)
Land Surveillance and Detection  Radars
Observation towers with self contained power unit, perimeter fence (Electronic Alarm Fence) and site security
Wide-band wireless communication modules for each border surveillance post
Mobile surveillance vehicles (MSS) and small UAVs for coverage of areas not covered by the towers (dead zones, etc)
Personal surveillance sensors, such as hand-held third generation thermal imagers, night vision goggles and personal equipment
Digital control center facilitating border surveillance and management software, large LCD displays, digital maps and high-tech control consoles for the operators

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