Airport Security Systems

Airport Security Systems

Elbit Security Systens (“ELSEC”) provides outdoor and indoor Security and Protection solutions for Airport and Seaport sites and facilities (Airport Security). The external perimeter of the sites is being monitored by a combination of two types of electro-optic surveillance systems, by long range (LORROSTM) and by short/medium range day and night systems (SeROS). 



Our long range observation systems are equipped with modern, cooled, thermal imaging cameras while the short/medium range detection systems employ unique uncooled thermal cameras and sophisticated video motion detection (VMD) algorithms for threat detection. Both types of the surveillance systems are being remotely controlled, operating 24 hours and under reduced visibility conditions. Automatic detection by VMD is achieved either while the surveillance system is staring or scanning the target area.

Our perimeter security solutions are being complemented by an Electronic Alarm Fence deploying two advanced technologies to increase intrusion probability of detection, and reduce false alarm rates; the on-fence microphonic sensor cables and the strain gauge sensors attached to taut-wire fence, thus presenting a fully integrated perimeter protection system.

Indoor security measures include indoor intruder detection systems, access control systems, CCTV systems, Digital Video and audio recording Systems and gates control as parts of the comprehensive solution provided and supported by Elbit Security Systems. 

ELSEC is integrating all control functions, data, videos and alarm signals into command and control center. Operational software is part of the supplied solution. Man-machine interface is friendly and simple to operate.
Using open system architecture enables us to interface our command and control system to any existing safety or surveillance equipment at the customer’s site.

ELSEC is customizing the security solutions to the client environment threats and operational discipline, taking into consideration:

Local and regional Threats
Local security sensitivities
Physical environment conditions & limitations
Existing Systems and Infrastructure
Security Human and Physical Resources
Security Disciplines & methods
Local, National and international Regulations
Budgets and financial limitations

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