Airborne Self-Protection

Airborne Self-Protection

Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT – Elisra (Elisra ) provides modern defense forces with cutting-edge, comprehensive, modular EW solutions and systems for all a range of airborne platform types and sizes ‒ from unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), through rotary-wing, fixed-wing, jet fighters, to transport and commercial platforms.



Elisra’s Airborne Electronic Warfare (AEW) suites deliver a full range of capabilities including Radar Warning (RW), laser warning ECM, and Missile Warning Systems (MWS) that integrate chaff/flare, directed countermeasures and more.  Capabilities also include networking and embedded EW training. 

Elisra’s EW suites incorporate operationally-proven features capabilities such as IR-CENTRIC TM multi-function, multi-mission capabilities and re-programming tools that significantly shorten re-programming, the sensor-to-weapon loop and boost mission execution capabilities, crew and platform survivability. 

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