Land Applications

Land Application

As a market leader for decades, Elbit Systems Electro-optics – Elop comprehensive range of electro-optic solutions meets the operational needs and challenges of a wide variety of forces and scenarios. From night sights and target acquisition systems through payloads and perimeter security, to laser designators and thermal imagers, Elop extends the early warning and rapid response capabilities of ground forces.




Our diverse arsenal of electro-optic systems has resulted in the capability to tailor end-to-end solutions, from stand-alone systems to large-scale upgrades. Our technological breakthroughs andsystems have set the industry standards for added value, performance and reliability.

• IVORY-Z – Thermal imaging sensor operating in the 3-5μm spectral band. Specially designed for remote operation applications such as CWS, surveillance systems, observation towers, unmanned turrets.

• Driver Thermal Viewer [DTV] – Enables vehicle maneuvering in total darkness. DTV is easily operated and simple to integrate to the vehicle. It is a cost-effective solution for diverse types of platforms, from light vehicles to MBTs.

• Panoramic Observation System [POS] – Provides 360° observation and real-time threat detection and recognition around the vehicle. The views are displayed together as a panorama of the scene. POS includes sensors with CCD day cameras and a low-lux ICCD camera or an optional uncooled IR front camera.

• Countermeasure System – an omni-directional Vehicle-Mounted IR Counter Measure (VIRCM) system capable of jamming anti-tank ground missiles (ATGMs). This all-round protection solution is designed for installation on a variety of ground and naval military platforms. The system was developed according to rigorous military requirements and designed for automatic operation without crew intervention. The system is fielded and operational.

•COMET – the comet product line consists of navigation and orientation sensors which provide azimuth angles and self location coordinates with inertial backup for periods of GPS unavailability. The most costeffective solution for any vehicle program upgrade.

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