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Cyber security is a priority around the world. ELSA is the Australian provider of the world’s leading Cyber Security Training Range developed by Elbit Systems’ ​subsidiary Cyberbit. The Cyber Security Training Ranges and ELSA-run training courses present an ideal opportunity for government agencies, tertiary education providers and the corporate sector to up-skill their IT professionals in cyber security.


The Cyberbit Cyber Security Training Range is a unique system which has effectively captured the world’s potentially most destructive cyber threats for manipulation in a highly sophisticated training environment.

Trainees are subjected to real attacks and real scenarios and learn how to identify, track, investigate, respond to and remediate threats. The system is a totally self-contained network which allows IT professionals to safely make mistakes and learn from those mistakes. It is effectively like a state of the art flight simulator, but for IT professionals.

The system includes a SCADA network to simulate cyber-attacks on infrastructure control systems.

The Cyberbit technology is widely deployed throughout the world and offers the most realistic training solution to overcome the recognised global skills shortage in cyber security.

ELSA is proud to make this world’s-best-practice solution available to Australian agencies, companies and IT professionals.


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