Military Satellite Communication

InterSKY 4M Military Products

InterSKY 4M deployments typically involve the following:

A central MSH (Military Satellite Hub) ground station (comprising a large antenna, a frequency amplifier, a frequency converter and a channel management system), with an optional geo-redundant hub. The MSH essentially handles management, monitoring and control of the entire satellite communication system, including all node types and configurations

Remote MSRs (Military Satellite Routers) with optional redundancy. MSRs comprise broadband routers, antennas and an RFT (Radio Frequency Terminal), and are provided in the following configurations:
•InterSKY 4M MSR 1000 transportable field-deployed terminal
•InterSKY 4M MSR 2000 on-the-move terminal
•InterSKY 4M MSR 3000 portable man-pack
•InterSKY 4M MSR 7000

InterSKY Management, Including NCC (Network Control Center) and NMS (Network Management System)

The system employs sophisticated Demand Assigned Multiple Access (DAMA) algorithms, to support reliable handling of any military satellite communication application, minimize retransmissions and delays and deliver optimal grade of service with the highest space segment efficiency. InterSKY 4M is fully DVB-S/S2 standard compliant, effectively delivering market leading “bits per second per Hertz”, and providing optimal broadband satellite connectivity at relatively modest cost.

Elbit Systems’ proprietary and patented AAC (AUPC and AMC Controller) provides complete rain proofing. Hub to satellite links are rain proofed via AUPC (Automatic Uplink Power Control), and satellite to MSR connections via ACM and VCM.

Among InterSKY 4M’s additional distinctive features are 8PSK return channel modulation, automatic control functions, BoD (Bandwidth on Demand), redundancy and full QoS (Quality of Service.

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