Ruggedized Tactical Terminals

Ruggedized Tactical Terminals

The Enhanced Tactical Computer (ETC) Tactical PC brings the power and versatility of cutting edge personal computers to the battle field.


Its sun readable display, multiple I/O capabilities and full Mil-Spec grade environmental specifications make it an effective solution for combat C4I terminals. Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) architecture allows for easy and low-cost upgrades and keeps the ETC adaptable to emerging new technologies.

The ETC’s outstanding performance has made it the choice of many armed forces worldwide, including the IDF and several NATO armies. Combat-proven, the ETC is installed in a wide range of armored vehicles such as MBTs (Merkava, M60), Howitzers and mortars (M109, MN9, TIG2000, DANA etc), APCs, attack helicopters, fixed and mobile shelters. Thousands of units are currently in production; hundreds are already operational on the battlefield.

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