Mortars Systems

Mortars Systems

Elbit Systems also offers a wide range of 60mm, 81mm and 120mm mortar systems designed to suit a variety of battlefield scenarios. The Company’s lightweight mortars are effective support weapons for close, medium, long and extended-range shooting – making them ideal for special forces, commando units and infantry battalions. User-friendly, quickly deployed and reliable in all weather conditions, the mortars are operated with a light handheld FCS.



Elbit Systems’ CARDOM is an 81/120mm autonomous, self-propelled recoiling mortar mounted on a tracked or wheeled vehicle. The battle-proven and NATO-qualified system features fast deployment, accuracy, area coverage, tactical mobility, flexibility and survivability.

Elbit Systems’ SPEAR is a fully autonomous, vehicle-mounted 120mm soft recoil mortar system designed for high mobility platforms. Equipped with a patent pending recoil system that reduces the 120mm barrel’s firing recoil loads from 30 tons  to less than 10 tons, SPEAR can be mounted on a variety of high-mobility light vehicles.

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