Artillery Systems


Elbit Systems offers a comprehensive array of fully-integrated, modular artillery and mortar solutions that incorporate C4I, fire control systems (FCS), platform upgrades and a wide range of artillery and mortar ammunition. These combat-proven artillery and mortar solutions have seen extensive use by the U.S. Army, NATO, the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and other armed forces around the world.

Extensive integration expertise combined with in-house development capabilities enables Elbit Systems’ hardware components, communications systems and applications to adapt to a wide range of platforms. Customers with existing infrastructure can benefit from Elbit Systems’ comprehensive artillery platform upgrade. These upgrades offer support for multiple firing platforms – including towed, tracked, truck-mounted and self-propelled guns. Complete solutions are also available, such as Elbit Systems’ ATMOS, a 155mm autonomous, truck-mounted, self-propelled gun that meets the need for light, long-range and fast moving artillery on the battlefield. 

Elbit Systems’ Combat-NG integrates advanced C2 applications, tactical computers, FCS, advanced radio communication and a broad range of sensors to improve the artillery forces’ ability to destroy and degrade enemy targets.

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