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F-16 Parts

Cyclone has an established and successful track record in developing and manufacturing a range of high quality products for Lockheed Martin’s F-16 Fighting Falcon – a multi-role jet fighter aircraft. Cyclone supplies the following unique products to F-16 customers worldwide:

•600 Gallon External Fuel Tank & Pylon – A unique 600-gallon external fuel tank, turning F-16s into strategic, operationally enhanced fighters and providing significant savings and improved missions survivability. Providing 3000 pounds of additional fuel, this unique Cyclone product enables a 50% increase in operational range, a 45% increase in endurance and a 40% increase in CAP mission time.

•Vertical Ejection Bomb Rack VER-2 – The vertical ejection bomb rack was developed for the Israel Air Force to enhance the F-16’s air to ground capabilities. The VER-2 is the only solution available for carrying two loads at the centerline station.
The VER-2’s main operational features are listed below:

•Improved bombing accuracy – C.E.P.
•Improved rack reliability
•Unique multiple carriage capability on Station. No. 5
•Enlarged carriage/release envelope
•No maintenance during the conflict’s initial days
•Smart bombs carriage capability (Mil-1760).
•Weapon Pylon for Stations Nos. 2 & 8 – developed for the Israel Air Force, the weapon pylon for Stations Nos. 2 & 8 gives the F-16 additional operational flexibilities. Stations Nos. 2 & 8 normally used only for air to air missiles can now be used for other loads up to 500 Lbs.

Other F-16 parts manufactured by Cyclone include:
•Ventral Fin MMC (Metal Matrix Component)
•Horizontal Stabilizer
•Vertical Stabilizer Leading Edge
•Engine Access Doors
•Leading Edge Flap
•Nose Landing Gear Doors
•Main Landing Gear Doors
•Fixed Outer Trailing Edge
•Access Cover
•Weapon Pylon
•Centerline Pylon
•300 Gallon Fuel Tank
•370 Gallon Wing Fuel Tank
•370 Wing Fuel Pylon

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