Precision Guidance Systems

Wizzard Family

Whizzard is a family of modular guidance kits offering the option of Imaging Infrared seeker (OPHER), Laser-Seeker (LIZARD) or GPS guidance. All kits convert "dumb" general purpose bombs into smart munitions. Together they extend the capability to effectively counter a wide range of targets and threats, from motorized vehicles and ships to power plants, infrastructures and radars.


The Whizzard family provides a complete arsenal of capabilities to seek attack and destroy a full spectrum of targets, just by switching seekers.


Whizzard family features:
•NATO standard equipment
•Compatible with NATO laser designation codes
•Enhanced hit accuracy
•Suitable for day and night

Common features: aerodynamics; guidance; modular replaceable seekers; compatible with most A/Cs; Common LRUs and ILS





Autonomous target acquisition - no target designation required before or after launch
•Fire and Forget
•Pilot friendly
•Point target hit capability
•Multiple bomb release per sortie
•No A/C modification
•Adverse weather capability
•Convertible to LIZARD by switching to laser seeker
•Targets: motorized vehicles, ships

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