Unmanned Turret

Unmanned Turret

Adding effective firepower to armored personal carriers without compromising troop safety, Elbit Systems’ unmanned turrets encompass a broad range of weapon systems, countermeasures and advanced electro-optics (EO).




The electronically-driven turrets can be configured with various types of cannons (25 or 30mm), coaxial machine guns (7.62mm) and guided anti-tank missiles. Featuring a high first-round hit probability, the dual-axis stabilized turret is designed for firing on-the-move and at moving targets. Fully overhead with no deck penetration, the turrets do not compromise the vehicle’s armor protection and preserve existing space within the vehicle. In addition, the turrets provide enhanced situational awareness under closed hatches and are easily adaptable to a wide range of new and existing vehicles.

All ammunition and EO  are housed within the armor-protected turrets. Elbit Systems’ UT30 unmanned turret is combat-proven and in use by numerous armed forces around the world.

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