UAS Data Link Systems

UAS Data Link Systems

Elbit Systems EW and SIGINT – Elisra’s (Elisra) SAR and Data Links wireless communications systems are integrated in the latest generations of more than 1000 UAVs of 20 different types, including most Israeli-made UAVs, and are fielded by the Israel Defence Forces and some of the most modern Armed Forces around the world.



Elisra’s SAR and Data Link solutions with unique capabilities, and experience gained over close to four decades developing and manufacturing data link systems for tactical use. Equipment developed and produced by the company has proved its worth under real combat conditions, providing the highest operational capabilities. Technical improvements and human factors are carefully implemented to maintain leadership in the field and provide the most advanced features available.

Some of the unique advantages of our wireless data links include:
Over 2 million operational flight hours
Combat proven in the most severe electromagnetic environments
Highly secure and robust data link incorporating anti-jamming and SECOM
Communication in UHF to KU bands
Field-proven on a very large variety of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) of all types – HALE, MALE, Tactical, Mini and Micro
Exclusive modular, open architecture approach, allows for maximum flexibility and the ability to tailor the system to any data link requirement
Multiple streams of data gathered by a variety of UAS sensor payloads are combined into a unified stream of IP data packets
Highly sophisticated error detection and correction algorithms for data and video information
High spectral efficiency, very low latency, selectable bit rate
Advanced video and data compression techniques
Monopulse tracking for very accurate positioning

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