TADIRAN VRC-120 is a line of affordable, VHF/FM fixed-frequency vehicular radio sets. The high maintenance costs of older fixed frequency VHF/FM radios (resulting from poor MTBF and outdated component technologies) has created a demand for a new generation of affordable, yet highly reliable new radios that reduce overall life-cycle costs while providing enhanced performance.

The TADIRAN VRC-120 series was designed and developed as a higher effective drop-in replacement for the old generation VRC-12 radio series - (the widely deployed VHF/FM fixed-frequency radio). Incorporating new features and capabilities, such as extended band coverage and various built-in options (COMSEC, data modem, GPS receiver) assuring exceedingly high operational reliability and availability, the TADIRAN VRC-120 has become the cost effective solution for VHF/FM vehicular radios. The TADIRAN VRC-120 series is built around the RT-120 common receiver-transmitter (RT-120S when equipped with COMSEC module) and comprises three configurations: Basic VRC-120 (VRC-120S) radio set; VRC-121 (VRC-121S) Single Auxiliary Top-Hat Receiver Radio Set; and VRC-122 (VRC-122S) Dual Top-Hat Auxiliary Receiver Radio Set.

Main Features:
•2320 channels over the extended VHF band (30-88 MHz).
•Fully compliant with and utilizes VRC-12 peripheral ancillaries and accessories.
•Complies with MIL-STD-810 and NATO environmental requirements.
•Complies with MIL-STD-461, EMI/EMC requirements.
•Built-in COMSEC (S suffixed series) (option).
•Built-in GPS receiver (option).
•Built-in enhanced data communications capabilities (option).

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