High Capacity Radio Relays


A high-capacity, line-of-sight, multi-channel, radio relay system, the GRC-408E is a  compact (single enclosure, 444 x 265 x 393 mm) and lightweight (less than 33 kg), intelligent, ECCM-capable military radio system and our digital backbone solution for the 21st century broadband (voice, data and video) transmission links for wide area networks. The GRC-408E operates in NATO extended Band III (1350-2690 MHz) providing EUROCOM and TRITAC interfaces and traffic rates.

As a successor to earlier Tadiran Communications multi-channel radio models (in operational use by many military customers around the globe) the GRC-408E provides features and capabilities that have proven themselves essential under the severest combat conditions, while adding those features and capabilities that are essential in the digitized battle-space.


Key Features:
•High capacity digital link with variable traffic rates from 256 Kbps to 8192 Kbps
•99.9 % communication availability at 40 km links.
•Extremely low Bit Error Rate (<10-8), compliant with ATM networks requirements.
•Extremely efficient digital modulation and signal purity for very effective spectrum utilization and excellent cost performance; only 3 MHz of spectrum exploitation for 8 Mb/s transmission.
•Built-in ECCM capabilities: forward error correction, automatic power control, automatic frequency change, very narrow RF front-end filtering.
•Robust and highly enhanced engineering order wire (EOW) for fast and efficient link establishment; more than 20dB surplus to the standard link gain.
•Programmable digital modem: supports various modulation schemes: n - QAM, 4QPSK, CPFSK (for backwards compatibility with older EUROCOM radios) and is growth-ready for higher traffic rates, 16Mbps to 52 Mbps.
•Built-in Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) client over standard (TCP/IP) for enhanced remote controllability.
•Complies with MIL-STD-810 and NATO environmental requirements.
•Complies with MIL-STD-461, EMI/EMC requirements.

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