High Capacity Radio Relays


A frequency-hopping, line of-sight, multi-channel, radio relay system, the GRC-2000 is designed to provide fast frequency hopping (FFH), spectrally efficient, line-of-sight radio relay links at densely co-located sites and hostile jamming environments. A compact (38 kg in a single enclosure), jamming proofed wide area modern network, the GRC-2000 is a highly effective choice for robust transmission links.
Operating in the NATO frequency Band IV (4400-5000 MHz) and supporting EUROCOM interfaces and traffic rates (up to 2 Mb/s), the GRC-2000 is the fourth generation radio relay of the Tadiran Communications’ line-of-sight MCR line.

To ensure improved ECCM capabilities while allowing rapid tactical deployment of radio links in field conditions, the GRC-2000 offers a narrow-beam antenna supported by an optional automatic antenna positioning unit.


Key Features:
•Variable traffic rates: 256 kb/s to 2048 kb/s in accordance with the EUROCOM standard.
•Over 50 km communication range with 99.9% availability.
•Extremely low Bit Error Rate (<10-8); compliant with ATM networks requirements.
•Full band IV (600 MHz) orthogonal and synchronous fast frequency hopping for enhanced immunity and low probability of interception.
•Time Division Duplexing combined with pseudo random Frequency Division Duplexing "air access" technique to eliminate any co-site interference.
•Very efficient digital modulation (Differential 8 PSK with Trellis Code Modulation) and high spectral purity for effective spectrum utilization. The cutting edge modem employs soft decision with interleaving to eliminate jamming and fading effects.
•Built-in ECCM capabilities forward error correction, data Interleaving and deinterleaving, automatic power control.
•Highly enhanced engineering order wire (EOW) for fast and efficient link establishment.
Enhanced remote radio control complies with the EUROCOM definition for local and remote digital radio control and monitoring from an external Facility Control (FC).
•Extensive built in test; continuous on-line monitoring of radio performance and off-line comprehensive testing.
•Complies with MIL-STD-810 and NATO environmental requirements.
•Complies with MIL-STD-461, EMI/EMC requirements.

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