Land Training Solutions

Tactical Battle Group Trainer

Tactical Battle Group Trainer (TBT) combines training of a complete unit or battle group in combined arms and joint operations (armored/mechanized, infantry, artillery, forward observers, forward air controllers, engineers and logistics).


TBT is a highly effective solution for training commanders and staff from company to battalion and brigade levels. Its unique concept enables battle group leaders to acquire tactical doctrines and sharpen their command and control skills. In parallel, these leaders can  practice various C4I procedures and conduct mission-rehearsal and training on an actual geo-specific terrain, in any operational scenario. The system offers extremely cost-effective training by facilitating savings in training personnel, shortening setup times and enabling highly efficient system maintenance.

Command and Staff Training (CST) is a unique system designed to train tactical and operational headquarters, and provides users with a trainer for the widest variety of fighting scenarios - both Low Intensity Conflict (LIC) and High Intensity Conflict (HIC), as well as other non-military settings such as Operations Other Than War (OOTW). It also enables training for Civilian Military Cooperation (CIMC), such as municipal authorities, police and medical organizations (e.g., the Red Cross). The system combines full training with qualitative debriefing. The training takes place within the operational headquarters and is connected to the Command, Control and Communications (C3) systems. The advanced High Level Architecture (HLA) enables compatibility of the training with the specific needs of every trainee. With the help of a user-friendly interface and advanced artificial intelligence, the trainer also enables minimal usage of personnel, thus saving on training costs.

Combat Support, Joint Attack Teams (JTAC) and Forward Observer Trainer (FOT)

An artillery and field intelligence trainer specially designed to train Forward Observers (FOs) in joint strike and fire support missions, FOT enables the full simulation of real-life battlefield situations. Training includes fire planning, ranging, and field operation, as well as target detection, recognition, identification, acquisition and engagement in diverse environmental conditions, while using a wide variety of sensors and effects.

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