Naval Training Solutions

Tactical Training

Elbit Systems’ field-proven Naval Training Center (NTC) is a full-scale turnkey training solution, offering operational and tactical simulation within a comprehensive and realistic naval training experience.


Naval Tactical Trainer (NTT)


The NTC is comprised of a Naval Tactical Trainer (NTT), a navigation simulator and a Close-Range Weapons Trainer (CRWT). These modules can each be utilized in standalone mode or combined and integrated with additional systems for large-scale exercises.

The NTC employs our high-fidelity simulation software, which features extensive use of advanced autonomous Computer Generated Forces (CGF), physics-based motion sensors and weapon simulation models and algorithms ‒ all operated through the use of an intuitive Graphic User-Interface (GUI). Based on COTS PC hardware, the NTC is both cost-effective and simple to maintain.


Naval Tactical Trainer (NTT)

The NTT provides an advanced tactical and procedural warfare training system, covering multi-threat scenarios including anti-surface warfare, anti-submarine warfare, anti-air warfare, counter-terrorism operations, littoral warfare, electronic warfare and other scenarios.

NTT allows training to be carried out with worldwide multi-threat scenarios from subunit to force levels. The NTT provides trainees with a realistic, up-to-date naval operations environment, in which the participants draw upon their theoretical knowledge and undertake naval operations in real-time for training purposes. NTT architecture allows for the sharing of the training scenario with other tactical training systems, thus supporting joint force tactical training.

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