Maritime Applications

Stabilized Payloads for Naval

Elbit Systems Intelligence and Electro-optics – Elop’s (Elop) EO/IR payloads are installed on naval vessels worldwide. The systems have logged tens of thousands of operational hours on naval vessels and onboard fixed-wing and rotary aircraft.


Elop’s payloads have extensive proven naval battle experience, in service with the NATO fleet, the Israeli Navy and many others. Elop’s experience ensures successful integration of the  payloads with existing ship systems. The payloads offer outstanding range performance which enables identification and interception of threats at long stand-off ranges.


D CoMPASS™ - Digital Compact Multi-Purpose Advanced Stabilized System is a highly stabilized, multi-sensor, electro-optical payload single LRU integrating 5 EO elements – thermal imager, color TV camera, laser rangefinder, laser designator and laser illuminator.

Micro CoMPASS™ – Micro Compact Multi-purpose Advanced Stabilized System is a ultra lightweight, extremely compact design, optimized for installation on small maritime platforms, single LRU integrating 4 EO elements: large format continuous zoom thermal  imager, zoom color TV camera with low light mode, target illuminator and eye safe laser range-finder.

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