Land Training Solutions

Platforms and Weapon Operators Training Systems

Our Platforms and Weapon Operators product line offers a wide range of proven solutions for the training of formations, crews, commanders, gunners and drivers. Suitable for a variety of platforms and weapons, the land forces training systems are deployed worldwide, and include embedded, independent and appended tank crew trainers, driving simulators and infantry gunner training systems.


The Appended Tank Crew Trainer (ATCT) connects to the actual combat vehicle and systems, providing a complete simulation environment for the crew.  The Independent Tank Crew Trainer (ITCT) provides real-life training to AFV operators at all levels – from individual precision gunnery to multi-participant team combat exercises.

The Embedded Tank Crew Trainer (ETCT) simulates the operational vehicle’s sub-systems including turret control, fire computer, self-protection systems and C4I applications. Driving simulators for both tracked and wheeled vehicles offer unique features for off-road and urban area driving scenarios using high-end projection and motion systems.

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