Tactical Solutions

Night Vision - Thermal

Elbit Systems - ITL’s Coyote family, places the combat warrior on the forefront of technology, enabling target discrimination and recognition regardless of weather conditions and with no necessity for light.


Uncooled Thermal Weapon Sights & Pocket Scopes


With various mountings and settings (hand-held or weapon-mounted), infantry as well as para-military forces find our Night Vision – Thermal products to be easy to use as well as effective solutions for tactical variable battlefield scenarios.

The Coyote family incorporates several different configurations for providing the end user with the best fit for operational requirements. From light weapon, sharp-shooters, snipers to a unique Heavy Machine Gun  & Sniper Clip-On Uncooled sights,  the Coyote family is Ideal for operation in all battlefield environments whether air, sea or land. 

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