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Night Vision I2

Elbit Systems – ITL is a pioneer in the field of Night Vision Monocular. Our combat proven Mini N/SEAS offer high resolution and a clear, bright image under adverse environmental conditions.


Night Vision Image Intensified Compact & Micro-Compact Monoculars


The newest member of Elbit Systems - ITL’s night vision monocular family is the XACT NV32, which is among the lightest and smallest monoculars in the world. The XACT NV32 capitalizes on all the advantages of its predecessors without compromising on performance.

Mini N/SEAS system – a modular, head/helmet/weapon mountable and water-submersible night vision monocular, is a major innovation in its field, making the Mini N/SEAS standard equipment for many modern military and para-military forces around the globe.

The XACT NV32 system’s unique design enables the user’s unaided eye to converge to the device’s optical line of sight without losing depth perception and with much less eye fatigue. A newly designed flip-up mechanism helps the warfighter decide when and where to use the system based on the operational scenario. It’s compact dimensions reduce the user’s neck stress, which enables a longer operational time without reducing its effectiveness.

A new auto shut-off mechanism, activated by a change in the wearer’s head angle, extends the device’s service life and significantly improves covert operations.

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