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SkyBreaker™ - Unlimited Access to the Sky is Elbit Systems’ Mission Training Center (MTC), a networked multi-cockpit, mission oriented training center supporting many aircraft types.

SkyBreaker™ - Unlimited Access to the Sky

The MTC provides realistic simulated battlefield training using all aircraft systems and mission scenarios to enhance all levels of pilot training. As a world leader in field-proven training and simulation solutions, Elbit Systems developed SkyBreaker to replace actual training flight hours while providing better operational value for each training hour in the MTC.


Our SkyBreaker facility houses a complex networked system designed to provide an entire squadron with the tools to practice modern air combat using SkyScen™, a sophisticated Computer Generated Forces (CGF) solution, in a fully integrated military setting. SkyBreaker is based on Elbit Systems' open and modular architecture. Allowing connectivity to both operational and other training systems, it enables full-scale Distributed Mission Training solutions.

SkyScen was developed based on the guidance of pilots with vast operational experience. It is capable of running thousands of entities, using the highest level of Artificial Intelligence (AI).


SkyBreaker encompasses all stages of the mission including planning, rehearsal, training and debriefing.

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