Avionics Systems

Military Head-up Displays

Providing an advantage of the battlefield, Elbit Systems Electro-optics - Elop’s ("Elop") Military HUDs implement advanced technologies and optical designs to achieve maximized Field of View with minimum aberrations. Our HUDs feature stroke/stroke on raster, high brightness, high uniformity of symbols /see through, depressible standby sight, very high MTBF and a variety of UFCP configurations. As a result,  these systems are operational in the Israel Defense Forces and other major armed forces worldwide.
Elop offers two major lines of Head-Up Displays (HUDs) for military applications:
Small & Medium Size Cockpits for the following platforms: KO-1, Pampa, IAR-99, ALX, AMX, F-5, T-38, MiG-21 and MiG-27, Jaguar Rear Cockpit and Mirage, featuring 24°/28° total field of view and stroke/stroke on raster display.
Medium & Large Size Cockpits for the following platforms: Su-30, Jaguar Front Cockpit, MiG-29, F-4E, Su-25, F-16 A/B and F-16I, featuring 28° total field of view and stroke on raster display.
Our line of military HUDs include:
•  F-16 Head-Up Display (HUD)
•  Mig-29 Head-Up Display (HUD)
•  Model 921 HUD

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