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Light enhanced armament package

Today’s complex warfare environment, characterized by low intensity conflicts  (LIC) and asymmetric warfare (AW) ‒ coupled with limited defense budgets ‒ has created a demand for operational versatility, particularly for rotary-wing platforms.



Helicopters capable of performing a wide variety of missions - such as attack, close support, self-defense, combat search and rescue (CSAR), intelligence, troop evacuation and peace-time utility missions - represent a valuable military asset and a significant life cycle cost  saving. LEAP converts utility helicopters into multi-role platforms with a minimal increase in weight. Tailored to customer requirements,

LEAP may be equipped with: accurate 70/80 mm laser-guided rockets, pod gun, dumb 70/80 mm rockets, EOP, an armament and ballistic computer and HDTS  with LOS - a helmet-mounted system including tracking capabilities and line-of-sight.

This combination of solutions enables intuitive mission management, real-time ballistic accuracy, effective armament management and fire launch, as well as full display of the flight data that is superimposed onto the day or night pilot’s HUD.

The LEAP system is fully operational and has already been integrated on several platforms.

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