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Life Support Systems (LSS)

HVAC and NBC/CBRN Protection

The Kinetics Life Support System (LSS) is an integrated, comprehensive and fully-customizable solution for armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) providing: (1) chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (NBC/CBRN) protection; (2) Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC); and (3) cooling for electronic equipment. Each sub-system can be manufactured as an independent unit, or can be integrated into the overall LSS solution. The LSS also has the option of being powered by the platform’s engine or self-propelled when connected to an alternative power source.


Kinetics - Warrior AC


The Kinetics NBC/CBRN protection system provides comprehensive NBC protection for AFVs as well as cabin ventilation during peacetime operations, contributing to superior crew safety and performance. The system offers three protection modes: (1) Overpressure Protection where the cabin is pressurized with filtered air; (2) Individual Protection where filtered (and optionally conditioned) air is provided to each of the crew’s facemasks / overalls; and (3) Hybrid Protection, which combines cabin overpressure and individual protection.

Kinetics - Warrior NBC


Product Highlights:

  • Individual / cabin cooling
  • Electronic equipment cooling
  • Compressor ‒ engine driven/electrical/ hydraulic
  • Condenser ‒ micro-extruded all-aluminum tube, radiator mounted or standalone
  • Multiple evaporators
  • Fuel heater for rapid heating and/or starting mode
  • NBC unit design compliant with customer’s filter definition
  • Optional ‒ bypass valve / peacetime filter / NBC detection
  • Cabin overpressure system and indication
  • Qualified per military standards
  • CAN bus communications protocol
  • Event logs for maintenance and serviceability

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