Airborne Applications

Laser Designators

Elbit Systems Intelligence and Electro-optics – Elop’s (Elop) advanced laser designators enable pilots to rapidly hone in on hostile targets. Featuring small-size, Weight and Power (SWaP), enhanced by cutting–edge technology, they are optimal solutions for airborne applications.


Coral-CR, Rattler G & Micro Atlas


Elop’s airborne laser designators shorten the sensor-to-shooter loop, providing high power and excellent beam quality, which facilitates accurate long-range designation, targeting and range-finding.


Fixed-wing for long range:

The Switchable Designator Range-finder Laser (SDRL) is a diode-pumped dual wavelength laser designator specially designed for high performance airborne targeting systems. Its high power and excellent beam quality allows long-range designation and range-finding.

The Laser Designator Range-finder (LDR) is a switchable dual wavelength diode pumped laser designator and rangefinder, ideal for lightweight, small EO targeting payloads. Its high energy and enhanced beam divergence result in a high performance targeting payload.


Tier II: Rattler™ A, Rattler™ C

The Rattler is a miniature, coded laser developed to meet the requirements of today’s battlefield for SWaP – Size Weight and Power. Rattler provides battle-proven performance in harsh environments and designation for all laser guided munitions. Adaptable to the smallest available payload (’ 5" diameter), Rattler A is extremely compact and lightweight.

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