Tactical Solutions

Laser Aiming Devices

Elbit Systems - ITL’s unique and compact line of laser based tactical devices equips the warrior with various tactical solutions for different combat scenarios within short, medium and long ranges.


Short, Medium and Long-Range Laser Aiming Devices and Compact Lightweight Laser Range-Finder


Our laser devices provide high aiming accuracy and quick response firing capabilities on targets. For several decades, Elbit Systems - ITL has been a leading provider  not only of tactical laser aiming devices but also OEM laser-based solutions.

The Aiming Laser Devices families:

•  Aim family – a  battle-proven family of aiming devices (IR/RED) designed to support high-precision instantaneous fire on ground, marine and airborne platforms.
•  LPL family – lightweight, pocket-sized, hand-held, infrared laser pointers and adjustable beam width illuminators for long ranges.
•  Cobra – compact laser range-finder  for the dismounted soldier, with easy  operation with a single button, providing critical data such as range, azimuth and elevation.

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