Fixed-Wing HMS


Built on an exceptional legacy of operational success, the new JHMCS II offers uniquely advanced capabilities in an affordable package.
Specifically designed for today’s areas of operation and tomorrow’s operational demands, the cost effective JHMCS II system delivers color as well as day and night capabilities.

JHMCS II is light weight, with minimal installation footprint, delivering new levels of logistics and operational savings.
Among its significant features:

  • NVCD (night symbology) and click-on Night Vision Goggles (NVG) utilizing the
    standard NVG mounting bracket
  • Improved helmet comfort and center of gravity (CG)
  • Safe, proven visor projection
  • 20-degree circular field of view (FOV)
  • High accuracy, hybrid optical/inertial tracker with unlimited motion box and
    high redundancy
  • Multi-sensor video presentation
  • Virtual training display support

JHMCS II can be integrated with CanaryTM, a breakthrough solution, capable of identifying and warning prior to hypoxia and [GLOC?] events or call for automatic aircraft recovery in case of the pilot’s loss of consciousness.

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