InterSKY 4G for SATCOM on the Move

SOTM (SATCOM on the Move) is a rapidly growing frontier of immense opportunities and, no less importantly, significant challenges. Whether delivering mission-critical connectivity applications to trains, ships, land-based or other vehicles, the highly demanding OTM (On The Move) connectivity requirements remain the same, namely service robustness, reliability, scalability, security, speed, immunity and, naturally, cost efficiency.

With both weather and interference proofing, advanced power/bandwidth management capabilities enabling the use of small antennas and remote gateways that can seamlessly integrate with any antenna controller to provide reliable broadband connectivity to users on the move, InterSKY 4G is ideally suited to the requirements of any OTM connectivity application. It offers SOTM users the following key advantages:
•Integrated SOTM transport support with ACM for highly reliable and weatherproof broadband connectivity in every environment
•No need whatsoever for GPS synchronization
•Fast and automatic recovery from any blockage
•High efficiency, with enhanced MF-TDMA technology offering jitter- and delay-free operation
•Reliability backed by full end-to-end QoS, prioritization, SLM and other service delivery assurance mechanisms
•Intuitive and granular NMS solution for easy management and configuration of all mobility-related settings

Inherent Immunity via a range of built-in capabilities, from MAC layer security and all the way to efficient frequency hopping

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