InterSKY 4G for Cellular Coverage

As ubiquitous as cellular communication has become, there remain abundant areas around the world – with millions of potential users – where cellular connectivity simply isn’t available. InterSKY 4G satellite communication overcomes the geographical constraints of remote and rural regions, cost-effectively bypasses expensive and complex deployment of traditional terrestrial or short range wireless infrastructure, and is therefore the ideal solution to capitalizing on this opportunity and delivering broadband connectivity wherever cellular coverage is required. InterSKY 4G makes it possible to add new cellular users by quickly and efficiently increasing cellular coverage anywhere, regardless of location, topography or the availability of telecom infrastructure.

Heavy usage during peak hours of the day and bandwidth on demand systems’ inability to effectively and reliably cope with usage surges have traditionally required the use of dedicated SCPC links, which are simply too expensive for remote and rural cellular traffic backhauling. InterSKY 4G effectively overcomes this challenge with its unique DynaBOD technology, which adapts access methods to changing cellular backhaul requirements on-the-fly, effectively enabling multiple remote cellular deployments to share network capacity, and enabling prioritized allocation of unused capacity from one remote cellular location to another.
The solution reduces bandwidth costs and even enables extension of cellular coverage to regions previously regarded unprofitable.

Elbit Systems’ InterSKY 4G broadband satellite solution enables cellular providers to easily implement:

•Cellular backup

•IP GSM network expansion

•2G/3G/4G network expansion


It also offers them the following key advantages:

•Cellular coverage that effortlessly extends beyond distance boundaries, geographical barriers and terrestrial infrastructure limitations

•High performance broadband IP connectivity

•True protocol transparency

•Unparalleled quality of voice

•Jitter- and delay-free service

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