Helicopter Solutions

Helicopter Glass Cockpit

Helicopter pilots require the clear presentation of cockpit data in order to boost their decision-making capabilities.
Current analog cockpit configurations do not support these demands, resulting in an increase in cockpit workload and a decrease in the crew’s situational awareness.

Elbit Systems Glass Cockpit Solution

Elbit Systems’ Glass Cockpit integrates an HDTS (helmet display and tracking system), intuitive user-interface, multi-functional smart displays and next-generation applications to deliver a fully compatible multi-mission cockpit.
The Glass Cockpit enables the crew to execute a wide variety of missions, ranging from utility to naval and attack missions, while receiving relevant aircraft and mission data and reducing life cycle cost while eliminating obsolete.

With vast experience in advanced cockpit avionics and a broad range of core technologies, systems and products, Elbit Systems offers a baseline glass cockpit configuration, with the possibility to add different systems and sub-systems, according to each customer’s needs (e.g. EICAS, digital map, EFB, PFD, EOP display, navigation and others.)

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