Avionics Systems

Head-up Display Technologies

Elbit Systems Electro-optics - Elop’s ("Elop") Display Products Business Unit is characterized by technological depth and a wide range of capabilities, backed by significant R&D investment, including internal funding as well as customer sponsored research.

Elop’s Head-up Displays (HUDs) implement various technologies and optical designs intended to achieve maximized field of view with minimum aberrations. The electronics are based on microprocessors driven by in-house developed software. Most of the HUD designs are based on refractive optics. In addition, new designs are currently being developed utilizing Elop patented planar optics, enabling higher quality output combined with smaller footprints.


Among the wide-range of technologies employed in Elop HUDs are:
•Refractive Optics
•Reflective Optics
•Light-Guided Optical Element Technology - Patented Planar Optics
•Pupil forming Optics
•LCD based Image Source
•CRT based Image Source
•Digital Image Source
•Compact LCD based image source
•Ambient Light Sensor (ALS) Technologies
•Surface Mount Technologies
•Uniform backlight design based on Fly's eye non-imaging technology
•Laser & LED's based backlights

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