Land Warrior

Ground Designators

Elbit Systems Electro-optics – Elop ground designators systems provide effective solutions for the modern battlefield, enabling war fighters to bring effective fire to bear on hostile targets.




Their miniature Size, Weight and Power (SWaP) make these solutions very suitable for dismounted soldiers and Troops in Contact (TIC).

Our short range designators:
•  Rattler G – Dismounted hand-held Miniature Coded Designator/ Marker.

  • Rattler H – Dismounted Miniature Coded  Marker


CAS aircraft/UAV laser spot tracker can find the reflected laser spot from the target

Medium range designator: 
 •  PLDR II - Dismounted portable target designator enables the war fighters to designate to stationary or moving targets for all types of laser guided munitions at medium ranges.

Long range designator:
•  PLLDS – The PLLDS high performance capabilities enable designation on selectable high priority targets at very long ranges.

Designators combined with  reconnaissance and target acquisition systems  result in complete targeting and designation capabilities:
•  Rattler H combined with Coral CR on
•  Rattler G combined with Coral CR on Micro Atlas GC
•  Rattler G combined with Coral LS on Mini Atlas
•  PLDR II combined with Coral LS on Atlas LT
(Coral LS enables both to acquire the target and to see the laser spot from the designator at night)
•  LDM combined with Long View CR on mini Atlas HD
•  PLLDS combined with Coral LS on Atlas LT

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