Government Information Systems

Relevant, actionable and timely intelligence is required to successfully tackle a broad range of threats - war, crime, terror, political subversion, illegal immigration, smuggling, and more. Elbit Systems Land and C4I – Tadiran supplies systems for intelligence gathering as well as tools for processing and evaluation.

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WiT™ (Wise Intelligence Technology) provides advanced tools for supporting every stage of the intelligence process, from planning and direction, to collection, processing, analysis and evaluation, dissemination and re-evaluation. Field proven, fully operational and easily customizable, WiT™ is a end-to-end solution which includes the reception, adaption and conversion of intelligence data from multiple collection sources, databases and sensors; intelligence data processing; assisting intelligence personnel in the analysis and evaluation of information; and ultimately disseminating intelligence to the intended recipient.

ICE (Integrative Component-based Exploitation) is a fully integrative, multi-sensor exploitation system that offers an end-to-end solution for the entire operational cycle of satellite and airborne digital imagery. A unified solution based on imagery data derived from a variety of sensors (satellite, airborne, UAV, electro-optic, infrared or video), ICE integrates acquired data with complementary  intelligence information, enabling interpreters to benefit from a fully-detailed intelligence information interview.

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