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DVE/LVL Solution

“The military attributes three out of four helicopter accidents in Iraq and Afghanistan to brownout” (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers)

Landing with no lateral drift while approaching to land in dust hazard area became one of the biggest cause for spatial disorientation accidents and is especially difficult during degraded visual environments (DVE) and low visibility landings (LVL) such as  brownouts, whiteouts or sprayouts.


Elbit Systems’ LVL solution is based on our most prevalent HMD worldwide – the Helmet Display and Tracking System (HDTS), which is based on our legacy ANVIS/HUD™  with advanced INS and DTED information, which displays an intuitive 3D conformal symbology superimposed on the pilot’s outside world.


Elbit Systems Brightnite


This symbology is comprised of unique 3D landing symbology superimposed on the landing zone and 3D mission conformal symbology overlaid onto the outer world, presenting the pilot with the entire mission and threats.


The new, intuitive symbology, designed by operational helicopter pilots, allows the aircrew to fly and hover the helicopter without outside visual references while simultaneously recognizing lateral drifts.

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