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For more than 30 years, Elbit Systems Electro-optics -  Elop ("Elop") has been one of the foremost developers and manufacturers of Head-Up Displays (HUDs) and Monitors for military and commercial aircraft. In addition, based on Elop’s combination of expertise in displays and imaging sensors, we are a world leader in the supply of ruggedized CRT displays for Thermal Imaging systems in MBTs and AFVs, helmet mounted displays and more.

Satisfying specific user requirements is one of Elop’s primary areas of expertise. Over three decades of operation, the Display Products Business Unit has supplied more than 3,300 HUDs, representing thirteen different models, flying on more than 20 aircraft types.  Our  customers range from the Israel Defense Forces and other major Air Forces worldwide to the world’s largest commercial cargo company.


With a strong emphasis on a user-friendly human-machine interface, simple assembly, high reliability, maintainability and MTBF, Elop’s HUD systems implement advanced technologies, modern electronics and cutting-edge optical designs intended to achieve maximized Field of View with minimum aberrations.  Our HUDs feature stroke/stroke on raster display, high brightness, wide angle IFOV, high uniformity of symbols /see through, a depressible stand-by sight, very high MTBF and a variety of UFCP configurations


At Elop’s Display Products Unit we offer full in-house design, development and production, capabilities for product optimization, a short response-time, a competitive price and commonality. We also provide a comprehensive after-sales service and Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) including maintainability, test equipment, training, documentation and technical assistance.


Our displays feature:
•Advanced optical capabilities
•High brightness
•High resolution
•Wide field of view
•High reliability
•Modern efficient electronics
•Low weight
•Low power consumption
•Low heat dissipation
•Flexible interface
•Powerful BIT

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