Commercial Satellite Communication

Elbit Systems’ InterSKY® 4G multi-service two-way broadband satellite communication platform features a comprehensive line-up of products that cater to the full scope of IP data service needs. InterSKY® 4G meets the highest quality, performance and reliability standards, and is ideally suited to a broad range of satellite communication-based commercial IP connectivity applications. It is backed by network management system (NMS) solution designed to ensure management flexibility as well as a detailed view of all satellite communication network entities.


Elbit Systems’ fourth generation commercial broadband satellite communication offering is designed to deliver very reliable and efficient broadband IP satellite communication infrastructure to service providers, enterprise customers and other private or government organizations. InterSKY® 4G can provide disparate facilities, remote offices and branches, rural telecenters, regional ISPs, schools, government institutions and any other remotely located entity with highly reliable and high quality broadband IP access. Bypassing terrestrial and short-range wireless communication bottlenecks and limitations, the technology delivers connectivity at unprecedented speeds, bringing Internet access and broadband multi-service (voice, video and data) capabilities to customers anywhere. With a combination of adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) and automatic uplink power control (AUPC), InterSKY® 4G ensures both high signal quality and high availability, allowing provision of carrier-class access in any climate and under any environmental conditions, with no additional equipment, power or bandwidth required. InterSKY® 4G provides transparent, future-proof IP connectivity, ensuring the lowest possible total cost of ownership and enabling the implementation of a wide range of communication applications, including but not limited to:
•Broadband service provision
•Cellular network access
•Enterprise network connectivity
•Satellite IP trunking
•Rural satellite connectivity
•SATCOM on the move

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