Avionics Systems

Commercial Head-up Displays

Combining its extensive experience in military HUDs with innovative electro-optical technologies, Elop has become a growing force in the Commercial HUD market. Bringing the operational and safety benefits of HUD systems to a wide variety of commercial aircraft, Elbit Systems Electro-optics - Elop ("Elop") commercial HUDs improve situational awareness, increase aircraft safety and reduce costs. Elop Commercial applications range from displays for the world's largest Cargo fleet to micro HUDs for private aircraft. Featuring innovative design which reduces the size of optical elements and projection space required, the micro-HUDs enable installation in even small and medium size cockpits.
We provide Commercial HUDs in the following air transport categories:

Air Transport Digital HUD featuring:
•Pupil Re-Imaging Optics
•LCD-based image source
•Exceptionally high MTBF
•Enhanced Vision System (EVS) compatibility.

Micro HUD for Business and General Aviation Digital featuring:
•Exclusive combiner, based on Light-Guided Optical Element (LOE) technology (Micro-Vis)
•Uniform image and see through
•Special prism-coatings
•Unique optics providing large TFOV= IFOV
•Compact and Lightweight

Baby HUD featuring:
•CRT-based image source
•high MTBF
•Enhanced Vision System (EVS) compatibility.

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