Land Applications

Combat Vehicle Systems

Our operationally proven sights  for Main Battle Tanks (MBT) and  Armored Fighting Vehicles (AFV) feature 24/7 observation and  aiming capability, advanced image processing  and fast, accurate target  acquisition.




Based on Israeli Merkava MK4 technologies, which we have been developing and manufacturing for more than 20 years, Elop offers upgrades of Gunner and Commander Sights for various platforms, including T72, T55, M60, BMP and many more. The sights’ modular design combines advanced night vision technologies, direct view observation, day observation channels and eye-safe laser range-finders with advanced Line-of-sight (LOS) stabilization and hunter-killer solutions.

Our turnkey solutions include: Commander Panoramic Sight (CPS), Gunner Sight (GMS) with Fire Control Systems (FCS) and Driver Thermal Viewer (DTV) , Navigation and Orientation systems.

A wide variety of products/systems are available, including:

•  COAPS - Open Architecture Panoramic Day/Night  Sight
•  Commander Panoramic Day/Night Sight
•  Gunner Stabilized Sight
•  TIFCS - Thermal Imager Fire Control System
•  Gunner Stabilized Sight for T-72 and BMP
•  DTV – Uncooled Vehicle Mounted Driver Thermal Viewer  
•  POS – Panoramic Observation System
•  Ivory Z – for reconnaissance and remote weapon station
•  LIZ – Advanced multi-sensor sight for remote operations
•  COMET – Navigation Systems

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